PVC -Black Matte

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Black Matte PVC card, with double sided White Print.

Dimensions like a standard credit card (8.56cm X 5.40cm).
Made from sturdy pvc: waterproof, dust proof, tear proof (within reasonable use), and all round more durable than a traditional business card.
A data-retention rate of 10 years

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No more need to have cards reprinted if your company information changes. Save your profile to the Konnec site, make updates when needed, and changes are live once you have saved. Have complete control over what information you would like to share.

At the size of a normal credit card, it is packed with technological possibilities. Feel confident when sharing your information in social- or business-networks, knowing that your business card is as progressive as you are.

With Konnec Business cards you will be able to share more than with a traditional business card. From profile picture, social links, job descriptions and -roles, company information, and intricate website links. All the information will be saved and ready for use directly to their phone, in a familiar and ordered way.


Black, White

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